Why it Works

The US Patent Bullwhip® isn’t like other softball and baseball pitching aids you may have used.

By using a throw-and-release mechanism, the Bullwhip™ allows pitchers and throwers to improve their timing, increase their range of motion, and vary the angles at which they pitch all with minimal arm strain or risk of injury. Baseball, Softball—even Football or Cricket—the Bullwhip® can help sportsmen of all varieties improve their throwing and pitching.

In fact, the Bullwhip® is so effective and low impact, that it can act as the perfect rehabilitation aid as well as a training device. By allowing the pitcher to release the ball instead of holding onto the weight, the Bullwhip® allows for a full extension without hurting your elbow or shoulder.

The lead ball, meanwhile acts as a guide, getting the pitcher into angles that make for a faster, more accurate pitch. Where regular devices keep the thrower too comfortable at a straight angle, the Bullwhip® can push the pitcher into angles that the pros rely on. Explosive timing, better movements, and a harder throw, all without any major strain; the Bullwhip® can do it all.

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