Success Stories

Testimonials from Pitchers and Players.

“The Bullwhip® is an incredible device for pitchers of all ages to increase velocity, but more importantly, arm strength and endurance. I’ve tried many different products on the market sold to increase strength and stamina and this drill incorporates all of their unique properties into one easy movement, the natural throwing process. It’s design allows for repetition of each individual’s proper mechanics and allows major room for growth in Speed, Endurance and Recovery. I highly recommend it for baseball players and especially Pitchers of all ages.”
-Jon Moscot, Cincinnati Reds Pitcher

“The Bullwhip® is one of the best tools I have used for not only building and maintaining arm strength through the duration of a season, but it also teaches you how to get the most of your potential. About a year ago, I had an elbow strain and couldn’t figure out what it was from. I tried resting, I tried massage therapy, I tried almost everything. The Bullwhip® saved my arm and saved my season! Within days my arm was back to tip-top shape. I also noticed a difference going into the later months of my season, as most pitchers velocity was dropping, mine has not dropped since. To even test this I did not use the Bullwhip® over the summer for the entire month of June. I noticed a decrease in my velocity. I started back on my daily program and saw a sudden jump in velocity. In a bullpen session, I was topping out at 92-93 and living mid to high 80’s. For me, the time off was important, but it’s the Bullwhip® that got me back to the top.”
-Augie Sylk

“I began using the Bullwhip® this summer and found almost immediate results. The whipping action of the drill increases arm speed and allows for much more life/velocity when pitching or throwing. I gained about 8 miles an hour and my fastball went from around 70-72 to 78-81 consistently. The weighted effect of the drill causes arm and hand speed to increase dramatically and forces your arm to increase whipping action. This drill helped me with many things including proper layback, my correct arm slot, hip and shoulder separation, and a proper finish which all allowed for me to gain velocity while still minimizing effort/stress on my arm. Not only did it help my arm speed but it also promotes proper body mechanics and gets every part of your body in sync. This allows for an effortless arm action and a healthy arm. This drill also is very efficient in recovery and helps flush your body and get rid of soreness.”
-Will Bucksbaum

“The Bullwhip® can be used before you throw, as a warm-up; your device to throw, if you can’t find a partner; or after you throw, as a stress reliever. The best part about The Bullwhip® is it’s versatility, in that it can be used anywhere, at anytime in a variety of different ways. I have tried other methods for arm strengthening, but no other device has given me the almost instant satisfaction of feeling stronger and throwing harder, all while maintaining proper mechanical form. Other methods would put too much stress on my shoulder and inner elbow which are places no baseball player wants to feel stress, mainly because the other devices focused on only using the arm. The Bullwhip® forces me to use my entire body, to assure that I keep a proper arm angle, thus preventing injury, unnecessary soreness, and throwing deficiencies that prevent me from throwing my absolute best. I can feel and see the ramifications of this great product everyday that I use it, and that is something everyone wants, to get better everyday! I highly recommend the Bullwhip® because it will ensure that your arm is in it’s healthiest, strongest, and best form for when your season comes!”
-Aidan Wirshing, High School Varsity Baseball Player

“The Bullwhip® is a great product. I am a Sophomore Varsity Pitcher at Palisades Charter High School. I have been using this tool as a part of my throwing program for around eight months, and since the start of me using it I’ve seen more life to my fastball and my arm feels great afterward. What makes this product a great addition to anyone’s throwing program is it can speed up one’s arm instantly. After the first week of me using the Whip I added 2 mph to my fastball, and with the constant use of it my fastball keeps rising. Having the second ball down at the end of the Bullwhip® helps speed up your arm and once you get your arm up it feels like a Bullwhip® fast and free of stress. Another reason why the the Bullwhip® is a must have is that if one’s arm is “sore or tired,” the Bullwhip® helps to heal your arm and make you feel much better. It acts as a tool for manual resistance, so you can still get your arm throwing while recovering from a soreness. What this tool does that many other throwing tools do is it tells you about your mechanics. If you have great elbow-wrist exchange and you get your arm to 90 degrees, you will feel the ball in your hand slide out smoothly and hit the second ball. On the contrary, if you have poor mechanics and a bad arm angle, thee ball in your hand won’t come out easily and it tells you that something in your mechanics needs fixing.”
-Justin Hirschberg, Sophomore Varsity Pitcher

“I was introduced to the Bullwhip® during the summer and it gained me 10 mph on my fastball in only a couple months. I credit 100% of that increase in velocity to the Bullwhip®. The results I had were almost immediate. Within a couple weeks my arm had never felt better, I was throwing faster and harder then ever before, and my ball developed life and movement that was not present before. It helps develop a whipping action that is directly correlated to increasing velocity. Along with a whipping action, it gets your body in sink and helps to develop the proper mechanics along with timing, rhythm, etc. It can be used for recovery so whenever my arm gets sore I take out the sock and in a couple minutes the soreness is gone. It is crucial to flush out all pain and soreness in not only the arm, but the upper body and the back is benefited from the drill as well. The best part is you don’t need a baseball field to do the drill, it can be done almost anywhere at anytime. Overall, this product is important to not only pitchers but anyone wanting to develop proper throwing mechanics and increase velocity as well as recover from an arm injury.”
-Leo Bucksbaum

“Playing high school baseball can be a physical grind. Conditioning, strength training, injury prevention, injury treatment and recovery regimens are extremely important to a player’s ability to perform at his best. For two years, I suffered from a severe and lingering case of tendinitis in the elbow on my throwing arm. It was a painful condition that often times kept me from performing to my maximum potential. Countless doctor visits combined with months of physical therapy only marginally helped my recovery. Then I began using the Bullwhip®, a revolutionary training tool that helped me rebuild the strength in my throwing arm. After using the Bullwhip® for only the past 6 months, the painful inflammation in my elbow has disappeared. The Bullwhip’s® training exercises have also improved my form and helped me add nearly 5 mph on my Fastball. Thanks to the Bullwhip®, I’m back.”
-Tyler Yeh, High School Varsity Baseball Player

“A shoulder injury during the beginning of my freshman year of high school took me out of the game for over a year. I was limited to throwing or even pitching a couple innings here and there. However, shoulder troubles persisted and I continued to struggle throwing comfortably and was hampered by worry of re-injury. As a player who considers his primary position to be a pitcher, I didn’t make my first pitching start of high school ball until the second semester of my junior year. Fast forward to first semester senior year, my arm still wasn’t 100%, until I used the Bullwhip®. I used it for the first time, going through a couple drills as a warm up and went out to throw with a teammate. He told me it was the hardest he’d ever seen me throw, without even putting anything behind it. My arm speed skyrocketed effortlessly and the greatest part of it was, my arm felt incredible afterward. The design enables your body to use ALL the muscles in the throwing action and alleviate stress to the arm.”
-Roben Sieling

“Having been in medicine at UCLA and also leading an active life, physically, I have an understanding of physical therapy not only on the outside looking in but as a patient in need of it on multiple joints and areas.

I recently experienced severe pain in the right shoulder that persisted for an extended period of time with varying degrees of pain intensity. As I coach baseball and enjoy throwing when I get the chance, this caused extreme uncomfort initially when throwing. I relented and finally with to the doctor for my shoulder in March of this year (2016) and was sent to an orthopedist. I was MRIed and found that I have 2 slight tears in my rotator cuff and 1 small tear in the ligament of the rotator cuff as well as a moderate tear in my labrum. The decision was made to undergo PT and I also received a cortisone shot in the shoulder. This was about the beginning of April, 2016. I was informed that PT was full up until the middle of May, so I began to just do some light shoulder exercises and incorporated a regime of simulated throws using the Bullwhip.

I have found that my shoulder no longer hurts as it did before, that a significant amount of strength has returned, and that the joint itself is more flexible. While I can attribute the decrease in pain, in part or wholly, to the cortisone shot and the diminishment of inflammation, I feel that the strengthening and flexibility are due to the Bullwhip. While allowing an area to recover from inflammation is key to that area being pain-free, strengthening that area and increasing flexibility I have learned are key to keeping a joint from reoccurring inflammation and increased pain. This is where the Bullwhip is an important tool in my recovery.”
Lee Sugich

The Bullwhip® is a device that works to protect your arm by strengthening your muscles. The Bullwhip® also helps you to reach full connectivity while pitching. By far the Bullwhip® is one of the best tools that I have ever used to help me stay connected as well as a tool that help to build strength without wear and tear on your arm. About a month ago I started to develop shoulder problems that caused me to miss games and lose nearly 6mph on my fastball. In just one week I was able to throw with no shoulder pain, and in a week and a half I was able to pitch again with full velocity. However, when going back to the mound to throw again I noticed that is was throwing harder than previously and each throw felt more effortless than before I started using the Bullwhip®. The Bullwhip® is what has separated me from others and what has gotten me back to where I was.
Riley Benedetti, University of Washington