Michael Voelkel, Creator of the Bullwhip

michael voelkel high school baseball coach and creatorMike Voelkel has been an educator and baseball coach for nearly thirty years. He’s been featured in the American Baseball Coaches Digest, and for the past nine years he has served as the head high school baseball coach of Palisades Charter High School.

As the pitching coach for the Grays Harbor Gulls and the Western Warriors, as well as the bench coach for the Reno Black Jacks and Feather River Mud Cats, Mike has worked closely with a variety of high school baseball and professional players, helping them perfect their form and observing what works and what doesn’t.

Mike’s extensive experience in baseball has culminated with the creation of the US Patent Bullwhip® — the ultimate pitching and throwing aid for baseball, softball, football and more. Over the years, Mike has observed other training aids in action, assessing their strengths and their shortcomings. The Bullwhip® has been designed to perfect a players’ throwing form without over-stressing the arm, making it the perfect tool for players in top form and those recovering from injuries.