How it Works

The US Patent Bullwhip® is a deceptively simple baseball training aid.

It’s the perfect way to improve your pitching anywhere and anytime without worrying about undue muscle strain or injury. It consists of a flexible, stretchable fabric that is approximately 18 inches long with a baseball sewn into the front, acting as a lead. The pitcher holds onto another baseball and slips his hand into the fabric, securing it to the wrist. As the pitcher practices his throwing motion, he releases the ball in his hand, just as he would in an actual game. While initially designed as a baseball training aid, the Bullwhip is also perfect for pitchers and throwers in a variety of sports—softball, football, cricket, you name it.

The simplicity of the Bullwhip® is what makes it so effective. By eschewing the artificial weights used in other baseball training aids, the Bullwhip gives pitchers a much more realistic experience, allowing for a full range of motion. By using a baseball that can be released during the pitching motion, the Bullwhip® baseball training aid reduces the risk of elbow strain and other muscular injuries. The Bullwhip® sets itself apart by giving you a realistic pitching experience wherever you are, letting your finally step up your game, no matter what.

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The Bullwhip® Design & Use Will:

  • Help minimize “deceleration” injuries
  • Increase explosiveness
  • Rhythm and timing of arm arc working with body
  • Corrects separating body parts during throwing
  • Helps hand speed during elbow/wrist exchange to release
  • Helps to correct improper arm arc
  • Helps with building arm strength/endurance
  • Allows you to throw anytime, anywhere
  • Play catch without a partner
  • Increased extension/leverage: Keeps kinetic chain linked: Foot plant-trunk rotation-shoulder rotation-elbow/wrist exchange-pronation
  • Helps with weight transfer going forward


*Improved speed of body movement and the timing of putting the parts of the delivery together. The explosive timing and transferred energy forward, will determine the velocity of the ball.