This Drills are a way to help you improve your performance.

1.- Chest To Glove Drill.

Good for body extension to the glove and arm sequence.


2.Walking Throws Drill

Synchronize movements patterns and throwing while in a control environment.

3.Terrible Towel both direction drill

Rhythmic motion isolating inward and outward extension of the shoulder good for warm up and recovery.

4.Alternation Hercules with Throw, Step and Throw Drill

Rhythm and timing coordination of body and arms.

5.Cowboy Drill

Shoulder rotation and elbow wrist exchange

6.Step-Up a Hill Drill

Front leg bracing up hip up and over.

7.Eric Heiden’s with throw Drill

Hip loading embracing coupled with timing of body sequencing

8.Dak Dance Drill

Hip and shoulder separation.


9.Double Leg Lifts Drill

Rhythm and timing of body parts of lower and upper half.