4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Attend a Showcase

In theory, a showcase seems like a no-brainer for an ambitious high school student looking to impress college baseball coaches across the country. It gives talented young athletes a chance to showcase their talents in front of a wide swath of colleges in one fell swoop.

But while a showcase can be a good opportunity, it can also be a waste of time and resources. Showcases are not only time consuming and stressful, they’re also expensive. That’s why it’s important to consider carefully which showcases you want to enter and which would be wise to turn down. Here are four questions to help make that decision a little easier

1. How far are you willing to travel? Think about not only how far you can afford to travel, but how far away from home you actually want to be. There’s no point in performing in a showcase if it’s not in a location you want to end up — regardless of whether or not the money’s right.

2. Where can you afford to go? While a full-ride scholarship is possible for a talented player, it’s hardly a sure thing — there are only 11.7 scholarships available at division one. So before you shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to be in a showcase, make sure you can actually afford to attend the schools you’re trying to impress.

3. Will the school meet your academic needs? It may have a great baseball team, but if a school doesn’t mesh with your major or academic goals, then you’re not going to get your money’s worth. Make sure you’re showing off for a school that can give you what you need in every area — not just baseball.

4. Do the coaches know who you are? Will the coaches know to look for you or will you be another face in the crowd? If you’re an unknown to them, that doesn’t mean it’s a dealbreaker, but it may be a harder sell. It’s worth finding that out before you step onto the mound.

These questions are an excellent way to figure out which schools you actually want to impress. Once you figure that out, you can seek out the showcases where the coaches or scouts for these schools will be present and focus your effort (and your finances) towards these.

A showcase can be a valuable thing — as long as you’re directing your talents towards the right people.

-Mike Voelkel,
Inventor of the Bullwhip®

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