How it Works:

The US Patent Bullwhip® sets itself apart from other pitching aids through its simplicity and versatility. Using the baseball as the central focus of its design, the Bullwhip® allows pitchers to practice the full range of motion required to throw harder and more accurately, while minimizing the risk of muscle strain or injury. Where other devices use artificial weights that must be held onto at all times, increasing the risk of joint pain, the Bullwhip® allows pitchers to throw just as they would during a game.

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Perfect for indoors, outdoors, rain or shine, the Bullwhip® is for professionals trying to perfect their pitch and amateurs just getting started. Because of its low impact design, it's even perfect for those recovering from injuries. The US Patent Bullwhip® is a revolution in training and rehabilitation for pitchers. Learn to throw like the pros before you even step on the mound with the Bullwhip®.

Why it Works:

The Bullwhip® is an incredible device for pitchers of all ages to increase velocity, but more importantly, arm strength and endurance. I've tried many different products on the market sold to increase strength and stamina and this drill incorporates all of their unique properties into one easy movement, the natural throwing process. It's design allows for repetition of each individual's proper mechanics and allows major room for growth in Speed, Endurance and Recovery. I highly recommend it for baseball players and especially Pitchers of all ages.
-Jon Moscot, Cincinnati Reds Pitcher

The Bullwhip® is a great product. I am a Sophomore Varsity Pitcher at Palisades Charter High School. I have been using this tool as a part of my throwing program for around eight months, and since the start of me using it I've seen more life to my fastball and my arm feels great afterward. What makes this product a great addition to anyone's throwing program is it can speed up one's arm instantly. After the first week of me using the Whip I added 2 mph to my fastball, and with the constant use of it my fastball keeps rising. Having the second ball down at the end of the Bullwhip® helps speed up your arm and once you get your arm up it feels like a Bullwhip® fast and free of stress. Another reason why the Bullwhip® is a must have is that if one's arm is "sore or tired," the Bullwhip® helps to heal your arm and make you feel much better. It acts as a tool for manual resistance, so you can still get your arm throwing while recovering from a soreness. What this tool does that many other throwing tools do is it tells you about your mechanics. If you have great elbow-wrist exchange and you get your arm to 90 degrees, you will feel the ball in your hand slide out smoothly and hit the second ball. On the contrary, if you have poor mechanics and a bad arm angle, thee ball in your hand won't come out easily and it tells you that something in your mechanics needs fixing.
-Justin Hirschberg, Sophomore Varsity Pitcher